Most commonly referred to as "Babydolls", the Olde English Babydoll Southdown Sheep is reported to be one of the oldest of the English breeds of sheep.  (see “Origin and Background Olde English Babydoll Southdown Sheep”)

Smaller than today's modernized British Southdown and the North American Southdown, Babydolls have found their way onto small farms and acreages as barnyard pets, weeders, mowers, wool producers and meat producers for families wanting to raise and consume their own lamb.  Their wool is very dense, short stapled and fine with a micron count of 19 to 22 and their meat is tender and flavourful. 

Babydoll rams have also proven themselves in commercial flocks.  “Babydoll rams bred to larger crossbred ewes produce lambs that have incredible vigor at birth and are fast gaining feed efficient market lambs.” Jody Fuller, Fuller’s Hamps & Downs.

Because of their smaller size, Babydolls have also found successful employment in orchards and vineyards. (see “Babydoll Sheep Integrate Wine Country” by Deb Kiger)      

Babydoll lambs are very playful with each other and that makes them great fun to watch. They love to play at baby lamb pushing games, races, jumping, and high kicking competitions. It isn't long before they form little lamb "gangs" of 4 or 5 and run about the pasture on their spring-loaded legs making us, and their mothers dizzy. The more lambs there are, the more intense the playing becomes.  It's easy for us to postpone our work and get lost in the world of Babydoll lambs.  We now have a few of our own shepherding stories to tell and have witnessed some amazing social interaction in our flock.

Since purchasing our first Babydolls, we wanted to contribute to the restoration project for this rare breed.  With that in mind we set out to expand the genetic pool in our flock so that we could eventually produce unrelated breeding pairs.   Working with other Babydoll breeders in Canada, we hope to provide starter flocks to people wanting their own Babydolls.   Between November 2009 and October 2010 we added six new bloodlines to our flock from registered flocks in the US. We now joke that we have "too much ram" but we are thrilled to have these beautiful boys and they will  certainly help us to  meet our goals.  In 2010 we were given an opportunity to participate in a UK Babydoll breeder's dream to introduce new genetics into her flock and the UK, and leave a legacy for generations to come.  In 2011 our flock  successfully met all of the CFIA export requirements for the collection and export of semen to the UK and EU.  Three of our rams, all genotyped "RR" at codon 171 for genetic resistance to Scrapie, participated in an eight month quarantine at OC Flock Mgt. in Alberta where semen was collected, frozen, and shipped to the UK .  Two of the three rams we sent for collection originated from flocks in Montana and Minnesota, the third was born into our own flock here in Saskatchewan.  The successful completion of this project now gives Babydoll breeders in the UK and EU access to new genetics stemming from both Canadian and US flocks.

In addition to being part of the effort to restore the Babydoll Southdown breed, we want to do our part as a sheep producer to help irradicate Scrapie by building a Scrapie resistant flock.   In the spring of 2010 we had our flock DNA tested for genetic resistance to Scrapie. We are now using this information in our breeding program to produce genetically resistant offspring and build a Scrapie resistant flock.  If you are interested you can find information about Scrapie, genotyping, and breeding for resistance to Scrapie at the following links:

Scrapie Canada
Using Genotype Information
Genotype Mating Probabilities for Sheep

More information about the Babydoll Southdown breed, it's history, and registries is available at: 
Olde English Babydoll Southdown Sheep Registry and Association 
North American Babydoll Southdown Sheep Association and Registry

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Olde English Babydoll Southdown Sheep

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Black Opal and Sasha
Sophie wading through a sea of grass.
Calendar Baby
Boys out for lunch together.
Mitsy's Baby Girl
" what's the plan?"
Iowa Willy
Sweet Smile
"What shall we do for fun today?"
Black Cricket
Moms and lambs heading out to pasture.
Shearing and one day old lamb.
Yoda and Shamu
Tessa and Black Ace
Babydoll lamb love
Lucy's winter coat
Black Max
Shearing Day ......"No pictures in my underwear please."
Black Ace in his winter coat
"Winter doesn't bother me."